Ken Morton and Ben Peterson created four character portraits through a series of photographs and video stills. These very different portraits, all of the same man, demonstrate how powerfully cultural and material cues influence perception.

Eight artists react to these portraits with a story of the characters day or with the drawing of a tattoo for the character. For each portrait, two artists' interpretations illuminate the character while revealing the interpreting artists' own perspective.

Ken (the subject of these four character portraits) in turn created photographic portraits of each of the eight artists, juxtaposing his roles as artist and subject.

The show was exhibited at CityLife Barbers in the Chelsea area of Manhattan between April 21st and May 21st 2011 with a haircut performance taking place during the opening.


Pamela Bingcang: storytelling

Mike Darby: tattoo drawing

Dan Funderburgh: tattoo drawing

Kristen Kendrick: tattoo drawing

David Lipp: storytelling

Ken Morton: acting, writers and artists portraits, interviewing

Ben Peterson: concept, design, character portraits and video

Austin Sakong: storytelling

Sara Sowers: storytelling

Travis Simon: tattoo drawing

* BIG UPS! to Keith Harper of DUO for teaching me coding.

** Thanks to CityLife Barbers for hosting the show.

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